Meanings of major Ankara colors that you didn’t know

Color plays a vitally important role in this world we live in. It can cause reactions, change actions and influence thinking.
The African street fashion in Switzerland reflects confidence, color, and style. Ankara material is primarily associated with Africa mainly because of the tribal-like patterns.

Down memory lane: Ankara was known as Dutch Wax Print. It was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian market.
Choosing an African Garment to wear can mean a lot more than choosing a style that primarily flatters you. You can experience Africa truly by choosing a color and fabric that has a significant meaning to you or the culture.
Do you find yourself closely attached to a certain color in an African design?

Take a look at the meanings of major colors in Ankara:

Gold – An extremely popular color. It represents wealth, royalty & fertility.
Red – Tension in the political /spiritual world and is viewed as a color of blood.
Blue – This is a harmonious color. It shows love and peace. Also symbolizes the sky.
Green – This majorly a medicinal color and shows prosperity & life.
White – Purity and spirituality. Good for festive occasions
Maroon – This is the mother-earth color. It also shows healing.
Black – Spiritual energy and maturity. Anciently, African people mainly wore this color during rites of passage and mourning.
Purple & Pink – Associated with feminine qualities, including mildness.
Grey – Symbolizes ash, and also cleansing and healing.
Yellow – Beauty and preciousness.
Sliver – This is a calm color. It’s associated with the moon. Grey also shows joy.
What color from the above makes you feel most confident and elegant in Ankara? Let us know in the comments section.

Bonus Tips!

Check out our bonus tips on how you can take care of your Ankara Fabric:
1. Avoid machine dryer as it can cause shrinking of the fabric. Instead, air-dry it in the sun.
2. When ironing, consider your fabric embellishments and always iron the garment on the inside.
3. You can use spray starch for pressing after washing and drying.
4. If handwashing, use cold water and a mild bar or liquid soap. Don’t use any harsh chemicals.
5. When using a washing machine ensure to use the quick wash option.
6. In case you mess up somehow (most of us do) and get some stains on the fabric, bleach will be a bad idea. Just use baking soda and you’re good to go.

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