A closer look at Fashionaid Anne Kubai’s Switzerland fashion store

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it. Ever wondered where these elegant and classy African designs in Europe come from? Well, Fashionaid Anne Kubai’s online store in Switzerland holds a huge a variety of African prints that can be worn in and out of office and never look boring any single day. Today we explain to you what there is in store and a bonus of how and when you can rock your Ankara.

1. Ankara Shirtdress

It is stylish, fashionable and fabulous. It gives a timeless look that one will never want to get rid of. The shirt dress can be transitioned straight from the beach to a fancy dinner outfit by simply swapping out flip-flops for classy heels and adding some sparkly accessories. For a street chic vibe, pair the outfit with sneakers and a waist belt.

2. Ankara mini dress

This style has the power to set the tone and make one stand out better. It emphasizes the beauty and allure of one`s legs.

3. Ankara pants

Ankara pants are so versatile, and you can wear any print. You can rock the pant with sensible shoes for an office look and gorgeous heels for an evening out.

4. Ankara maxi-dress

This dress is so feminine, creates an ageless and classic look. Ladies tend to look more flawless and happier in long maxi dresses. The dress fits every kind of body shape, making it ideal for every woman.

5. Ankara jackets

This transforms an outfit from boring to a casual look. The Ankara jacket comprehends well with a monochrome top, body con dress or pants.

6. Ankara shorts

Fits any style and can be worn by anyone. For a cool look, wear perfectly matched top and shoes.

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. Its is worth the while to keep trying new Ankara outfits and experience the variety in your looks. Do wanna try out some of this? Fashionaid Anne Kubai’s online fashion store already got you covered here.

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