About Anne Kubai

add a little piece of Africa into your life

Anne Kubai’s inspiration started early in life leading to her first apparel boutique at a tender age. It was when she learnt that clothes have the power to transform an individual and fill them with new-found confidence. As a proud Swiss-Kenyan, Anne loves the beautiful colours and bold prints the African continent has to offer and would love to see them appreciated worldwide. Currently based in central Switzerland, she has met many individuals who love African designs but do not have the confidence to wear them. Anne’s mission is to showcase edgy designs in African Ankara prints  that are fashionable, trendy and elegant.

Anne believes that “there is not just history in Africa, but there is a future!” That everyone should have a little piece of Africa in their wardrobe. Her philosophy is that African designs celebrate everyone everywhere – irrespective of a woman’s body shape, height, age or ethnicity – it is this trail of thought that inspired the launch of fashionaid.